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SCORE Webinar: 2022’s Hottest Businesses, Markets & Trends

Online Webinar MA

Will 2022 be a year of recovery or discovery? Or perhaps a bit of both? The start of a new year is the perfect time for small business owners and startups to learn the newest business trends and startup ideas. And while we’re still facing a lot of unknowns in 2022, there are some things […]

SCORE Webinar: Building a Hybrid Cloud for Your Growing Business

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In today’s business environment, entrepreneurs have more choices than ever in how to deploy technology. These decisions can be difficult to navigate with everyone promising IT nirvana. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make a decision that leads to limited options and significant technology ‘lock-in’ for your business. This can lead to high, unsustainable, unforeseen costs as […]

SCORE Webinar: Business Bookkeeping Basics

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Bookkeeping is a critical element of your business’s success. In this educational webinar Phyllis Johnson, owner & CEO of PKJ Consulting, will break down the bookkeeping process into simple terms so that you can begin keeping track of your numbers and move your business forward. Understanding what bookkeeping is Understanding the importance of bookkeeping for […]

Webinar: 5 Hot Marketing Trends for 2022

Online Webinar MA 5 Hot Marketing Trends for 2022 Facilitated by Robin Samora, Marketing & PR Expert. For 2022 and beyond, discover what marketers need to know to stay competitive, ahead of the curve, and relevant to an ever-savvy digital audience. What post-pandemic cleanup is and why it’s more important than ever Marketing tips on diversifying your […]